Principal Characters:

The American Girl   "To Count Nasogrande and much of the European aristocracy, she was that American girl. Her friends called her Josie and BB,  both abbreviations from Josephine Baxter-Browne. She was baptized Josephine Clarissa Baxter-Browne, a string of names her mother used whenever she fell short of family expectations, an all too frequent experience."

 Josie is a sexy, sophisticated, stunning young woman with social graces, tomboy tendencies and an acerbic wit that can outmatch any man's. She is the embodiment of the coming of age in the roaring twenties. She has a sultry voice, pale skin and the most soulful dark eyes. Although tall and thin, there are those who snidely remark 1929's "It" girl is more striking than beautiful. Through the life of celebutante Josephine Baxter-Browne, the dazzling Jazz Age comes alive.

The Bar Man Charles Blakesley  "The barman's eyes twinkled with delight as he nodded his head knowingly at Josie. She was sure he was laughing at her. She was furious. As he flashed a smile at her and his sparkling eyes winked in recognition, Josie wanted to kill him."

"There are few people in the world that possess a certain energy level that make them attractive to all who come in contact with them. His eyes sparkle with that kind of energy that is as magnetic as his smile. They are powerful weapons that can convince just about anyone to do just about anything for him." But the lithe, blue-eyed, blonde haired Charles Blakesley is an egalitarian. "The adventure-seeker sympathizes with the little guy, be he the underdog, red, black, yellow, even women."


James Ellison DeVere – "There was something about the James that was different. She couldnÍt help taking note. He put her on edge. The dark haired playboy certainly was one of the best-looking, most masculine men she had ever met. As she lay awake unable to sleep that night, Josie realized that although he was not a nice person, she wanted him."

Geraldine Ashley, 'Geri', Avant-garde artist   The savant daughter of an English Lord and an American blue blood, the auburn-haired Geraldine is very much accepted in society despite the fact that she has a voracious sexual appetite, lesbian tendencies and a caustic sense of humor. As Josie's best friend, she provides comfort and a wicked sense of humor.  "At almost six feet tall and nearly two hundred pounds, Geraldine has a very high tolerance for both alcohol and men."


Vinnie Graves – "They call me Graves because I like to bury people." Pock-marked, underworld thug from the outer boroughs who derives pleasure out of murder and does the dirty jobs Arnold Rothstein's boys won't even touch. He's dirty, smells and doesn't bathe often although he wears a gardenia in his jacket pocket, a touch he picks up from James' set. His flowers come from the fresh graves of the recently deceased. Vinnie Graves heists them regularly.


Bentley  – James' impeccable silver-haired houseman. The dignified servant copes with his master through his very English humor.


Evangeline Adams, the Seer of Wall Street  Underneath the bespeckled, severe librarian front is a wildly passionate woman with a keen understanding of human nature and the world of finance.


Alex Carleton – A wild red head that exudes sexuality Ð "Heads turned as Alex Carleton strutted down the street . . . Alex loved sex. She rarely became attached. She hated weak people, especially men. Cool and calculating, she lives to satisfy her own pleasures."


Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith, 'Izzy and Moe', cross dressing prohibition agents  "Izzy and Moe were the best dry agents in New York City and arguably in the nation. They busted more joints than any other team combined and did so with panache, earning notoriety and respect from all quarters."

Izzy and Moe look act very much like a middle-aged married couple. "Helen's headman gave the pair a long look before seating them. He thought they were one of the homeliest couples he'd ever seen. Mo was dressed like many of thee rag merchants. His suit was cheap and didn't fit well. Once glance at Izzy was more than the headman wanted. He couldn't imagine that Izzy ever looked attractive, even on her wedding day."


Henry Jay, Josie's Godfather, philanthropist who hosts the most decadent parties  Through his decadent lifestyle, the old codger represents all that was excessive and yet good in the roaring twenties.


"From the smoke, Henry Jay emerged. A large Havana cigar dangled from his mouth. He took it out momentarily in order to bow deeply. Henry had just arrived late to his own party. As always, the impressive man with broad shoulders was dressed impeccably. He donned a black silk top hat and tails. Even at seventy-eight, Henry kept himself busy and was in tune with the times."


Mrs. Whitney Straight, grand dame of New York Society Social arbiter who was one of the first suffragettes and first in her circle to embrace the super short Eton crop. She secretly plays the market and encourages her young charges to do the same.