Credits and Acknowledgements

I cannot thank enough Robert Hudovernik for his personal assistance and help as well as showing gratitude for his inspirational work: Jazz Age Beauties. It was within the pages of his wonderful book, that I found the Alfred Cheney Johnson photograph of Dorothy Knapp which is on the cover of this novel. Additionally, I owe much to Nils Hanson and the Ziegfeld Club of New York for granting permission to use the photograph of Dorothy Knapp taken by Alfred Cheney Johnson.

Many thanks to Aaron Quirey, "aaron1912," for his creative historical videos and help with research. I would also like to thank Diane Paradisco from the WPA Film Library, Matthew Giermala and John Leifert at Getty Images and all the staff at the Getty for preserving the image of the Wall Street sign used on the back cover. I appreciate the creative help offered by: Bruce Silversteen, Liyang Zhou and Andrew Harmon and all the edits by Margaret Rosalind Jones, Katy Kempf and Laurel Sharp as well as the read through by Cristina Spencer.

Finally, I would like to thank the following people for their support. In addition to my husband and parents, my sister Marianne, brothers: Michael, Mark, and Matthew, as well as Winberg, Henry and May-lee Chai, Arlinda Lam, Joy Madmai, Neil, Mary and Rod Clayton, Louise Bagshawe, Suzanne Messere, Desiree Mauer, Karen Nicholson, Ailinh Nguyen, M.H.T., G.E.R, Sandra R., J.N.R., Brigid, Rachel and George Hurn-Maloney, Mary and Philip McHale, Karen Holman, Shalamuth Rubinfien, Naciba Balamane, Emily Margalit, Lena Miyamoto, Olga and Anna Gontar, Jessica He, Carmen Hess, Karl Laughton, Jan Helbing, Nabil Balamane, Petro, Rosannah Harding, James Kyle, Katharine Manzini and every single person who reads this book.

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Cover photograph of Dorothy Knapp by Alfred Cheney Johnson, courtesy of The Ziegfeld Club of New York, www.theziegfeldclubinc.com and www.alfredcheneyjohnson.com and with the assistance of Nils Hanson and the very talented Robert Hudovernik.